Executive Director Letter

Leslie C. Levy - Ardis & Robert James Executive Director

Quilts have the power to inspire and connect us, so it stands to reason the International Quilt Museum, with its world-renowned collection, diverse exhibitions and global reach, has been a bright spot for many seeking respite from ongoing world events during this unprecedented time.

The past 18 months have reinforced our appreciation for galleries filled with engaging exhibitions and for the people who have experienced the Museum, whether in person or virtually. Every person and every interaction has made a difference. Board members, visitors, donors and museum members through countless interactions have lived our Mission: to build a global audience and collection that appreciates the cultural and artistic significance of quilts.

Although it was a tough year on several levels for many people, our supporters’ far- reaching commitment to our mission has taken us far. It is with deep appreciation and gratitude that we thank those who generously offered leadership gifts over and beyond their normal giving to sustain us during the pandemic. It permitted us to re- open our doors in August 2020 with fabulous exhibitions and to enable the curators and coordinators to create meaningful and educational experiences.

We also want to acknowledge and thank those visionary benefactors whose financial commitments aid the long-term success of the Museum. We understand that people give to people and we are truly humbled by the generosity and trust these donors have shown the International Quilt Museum.

The heart and soul of the IQM are its talented and dedicated professionals. I cannot say enough about this fabulous team, and it is a blessing to work with them. This summer, Dr. Carolyn Ducey, curator of collections, was named the Ardis B. James Curator of Collections. Our deep gratitude to the family of Robert & Ardis James for this wonderful tribute to their mother, Ardis, and for their stalwart support for the curator of collections. It was a joy to celebrate Carolyn with this honor and recognize her expertise and achievement!

Change is a constant but can be very difficult especially, within a small tight-knit team, as was the case for all of us when Mary Ourecky passed away in April 2021. Mary had been with the IQM since 2008 and was cherished by those she worked and interacted with at the Museum. We miss her every day.

As we look toward the future and new opportunities, we thank you for being an instrumental partner in our journey and for the lasting impact each of you has on the International Quilt Museum.

Leslie C. Levy
Ardis & Robert James Executive Director 

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