Touching Stars

December, 2017

Touching Stars

Lucretia Ann Fisher Larison

Hunterdon County, NJ
Gift of the Robert and Ardis James Foundation, 2002.007.0001

Lucretia Ann Fisher Larison’s initials, and the date October 1, 1841, can be found in this piece’s quilting. The daughter of John W. Larison and Maria Fisher Larison, Lucretia married Augustus Blackwell of Raritan in about 1847 or 1848. The quilt may have been made by her for her dowry without knowing the date of her wedding or the name of her spouse-to-be.

As block-style quilt patterns evolved during the nineteenth century, star patterns were among the most popular. The acute angles of these shapes—and the precision required to draft, cut and sew them together—reveal Larison’s skill as a maker.

There is a related quilt in our collection. Dated April 20, 1844, it was made by Amwell First English Presbyterian Church members for Reverend David Hull. The names inscribed on it are members of the Larison/Blackwell families. Sarah Fisher (1801-1857) who married Gideon Quick (1793-1872), was a sister of Maria L. (Fisher) Larison, the mother of Lucretia Ann Fisher (Larison) Blackwell. Gideon Quick was among those in leadership for the Amwell First Presbyterian English Church where Reverend Hull ministered from 1837-1844. This information was uncovered by our genealogical task force, a team of volunteers here at the museum.