Traveling Exhibitions

The International Quilt Museum is the preeminent quilt museum in the world, and the demographics of our visitors highlight we are a destination, even on the “bucket list” for so many. And likewise, our exhibitions are requested nationally and abroad. We have exhibited thousands of historical and contemporary quilts but have also used these pieces to bring together connections and commonalities, to examine social and cultural issues. Our Traveling Exhibitions program was created to further share our diverse and unique collection, and the expertise of our team.

We have the distinct honor to be the stewards of preserving the stories and culture of the past, giving them new meaning in the present, and providing a foundation that will reframe how future generations perceive their world. In essence, we are the future of tradition.


Our mission—to build a global audience and collection that celebrates the artistic significance of quilts—opens doors and provides us magnificent opportunities to create bridges between cultures; enhance the lives of individuals and their communities; steward and preserve cultural history and apply that knowledge across global communities.


Exhibitions from our permanent and experience collections travel throughout the United States and internationally, including recent exhibits to Australia, China, France, Italy, Japan, and England.


Our collection and exhibitions provide audiences the opportunity to learn about people and cultures around the world—creating connections and understandings that were previously unrealized. We know that those who open themselves to the introspection that quilts promote, will gain knowledge not only about the world of quilts and art, but about themselves as well. We encourage people to explore and discuss the evolution of quiltmaking as a form of creative expression and that of art—to challenge and examine our assumptions of how we view and interact with quilts.