August, 2018


Maker Unknown

Provence, France
Silk taffeta
IQM 2005.018.0019

Vannes are small, decorative quilts typically placed on top of other bed coverings. This circa 1850-1900 piece from the Kathryn Wilson Berenson Collection measures 39 x 39 inches, or 99 x 99 centimeters. It is currently on display in “Color and Contour: Provençal Quilts and Domestic Objects.”

Of it, guest curator Kathryn Berenson writes:

“Geometric lines play against color and form in this fenêtre [window] composition. The softness of its rose and gold silks and dimpled surface are counterpoints to the straight stitching that describes a center diamond grid and a border of parallel lines and diamond shapes. Despite fairly inexpert execution, the work pleases the eye.”

“Color and Contour” follows up Berenson’s groundbreaking exhibition, “Marseille: White Corded Quilts.” The new exhibition is supported by her debut book, “Quilts of Provence: The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking,” published in 1997. The exhibition is on display through Oct. 28 in the Lois Gottsch Gallery