The Calendar/Moon: Card #18 in the Kitchen Tarot

April, 2017

The Calendar/Moon: Card #18 in the Kitchen Tarot

Susan Shie

Wooster, Ohio
Dated 2007

The Calendar/Moon: Card #18 in the Kitchen Tarot by Susan Shie features entries from her diary February 5-28, 2007 written on the quilt’s surface. 

“Shie’s miniscule handwriting enlivens the surface, wending its way around and alongside painted imagery focusing on women and the moon. Her narrative lends an immediacy to the quilt because this is the diary—the text is not copied from another source. Her stream-of-consciousness sharing of day-to-day observations, interactions with family, friends and colleagues, and musings on politics and state of the nation provide an intimate self-portrait as well as a kind of daybook of early 21st century liberal thought.”

- From “Perspectives: Art, Craft, Design and the Studio Quilt,” which appeared at Quilt House November 21, 2009 – May 9, 2010

Susan Shie lives and works in Wooster, Ohio. She has exhibited her art widely for the past 30 years averaging an impressive 20 exhibitions per year. She teaches around the United States and at her home studio in a weeklong class called Turtle Art Camp. Shie describes her work as whole cloth painting, using freehand black line drawing and writing.