Fingerprint Series: #6 Detail Oriented

March, 2008

Fingerprint Series: #6 Detail Oriented

Barbara Watler

Hollywood, Florida
2005.030.0002, 2005.030.0003, 2005.030.0004

Three quilts from studio artist Barbara Watler's Fingerprint Series were among the unique pieces featured in Quilts in Common, one of the exhibitions that marked the grand opening of the International Quilt Museum.

Extensive and carefully planned appliqué of black forms on a white surface create the bold fingerprint design featured in these quilts. Watler's fingerprint series amplifies, for closer viewing, the completely unique impression formed by the texture of each individual finger.

Watler says that through her work in this series she intends, "to pay homage to ordinary people who feel a loss of identity in today's 'techno' world." The quilts act as a reminder that in spite of messages that may indicate otherwise, no two persons, like no two fingerprints, are identical.

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