Greatest Possible Trust

April, 2024

Greatest Possible Trust

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition “Option Expedition: Victoria Findlay Wolfe” later this month, we are sharing this stellar double wedding ring variation from the artist.

This quilt features printed fabric in the upper left changing into solid color on the bottom right with hand and machine quilting throughout. It was inspired by the work of Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s grandmother, an ardent quiltmaker from Minnesota.

Through her forward-thinking quilts and numerous contributions, Findlay Wolfe holds a significant place in the world of modern quiltmaking. She founded New York City Modern Quilt Guild and is closely connected to the Quilt Alliance and other organizations.

Though this quilt is not featured in the upcoming exhibition, museumgoers can experience similarly themed quilts from Findlay Wolfe — quilts that employ basic shapes often seen in patchwork, while also breaking down design principles in unique ways. The result is bold and beautiful work intended to inspire other artists.  

Greatest Possible Trust 
Victoria Findlay Wolfe, New York City, New York 
IQM 2016.009.0001