July, 2022


Bengal, India 
Cotton, hand embroidered and quilted 
IQM, Gift of the Robert and Ardis James Foundation, 2019.073.0002

Kantha was made between 1910-1930 by an unknown maker. In this quilt, there is a delightful range of imagery depicting life in eastern India, including elephants, tigers, and fishes. Another prominent and repeating images of a fearless peacock performing the job of it is famous for in Indian myth and legend...killing snakes. 

Kanthas are made from almost completely recycled materials. White saris (wrapped garments) are used for the base cloth and their colorful, decorative borders are taken apart for the quilting thread. 

The International Quilt Museum’s Quilt of the Month comes from the exhibition, An Evolving Vision: The James Collection, 1997 - 2022 — New Horizons, on view in the Gottsch Gallery from April 29th to October 30th.