Lake Superior Stick Quilt

March, 2010

Lake Superior Stick Quilt

Terrie Hancock Mangat

Dated 1996
Gift of the artist, 2009.021.0001

Terrie Hancock Mangat's Lake Superior Stick Quilt and its accompanying bed seem to be props in some nightmarish fairy tale of ecological disaster. Mangat is known for her sense of humor and her passion for embellishment, and her quilts easily satisfy the definition of what an "extreme quilt" might be. This coupling of the quilt and its bed pays homage to the traditional function of quilts and their place in the home, and simultaneously hints at the sinister outcomes that might result from a natural world gone awry.

A 2009 acquisition, the piece was delivered by the artist herself, who drove it all the way from New Mexico to Lincoln, Nebraska, in a pickup truck.