Time for Supper

June, 2013

Time for Supper

Eiko Okano

Tokyo, Japan

Eiko Okano is a contemporary Japanese quiltmaker with an impressive background. She studied with the famous--and early--Japanese quiltmaker Chuck Nohara in the late-1970s and 1980s. Her quilts have been shown all over Japan and in many international locations, including the United States and France. Since its inception in 2002, her work has always been included in the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival, a huge annual exhibition held at the Tokyo Dome, which draws over a quarter-million people in a weeklong period.

Okano’s work often explores everyday themes, including food, as in this quilt, Time for Supper. About this piece she says: 

“Since Japanese cuisine is simple, first I thought it was going to be challenging to make it, but I am surprised that I could express how wonderful the Japanese cuisine is only with fabric and thread. I hope viewers of this work will enjoy our food culture such as sushi, bento (lunch box), fish, etc.”