Trip Around the World

May, 2018

Trip Around the World

Ida Pricilla Williams Giebner

Made in Kansas City, Kansas
Circa 1900
IQM 2010.057.0001

This Trip Around the World Quilt was made by Ida Pricilla Williams Giebner. Family history says this quilt was finished about 1900. The “Trip Around the World” pattern is also sometimes referred to as a Postage Stamp. It is hand-pieced and -quilted.

“Looking closely at the quilting, you can see flowers placed randomly and a double ribbon just inside the border all around. This is not a beginner’s quilt but no other examples of her are known.”

- Label by Green H Giebner Jr., November 2010

According to this same label attached to the quilt’s back, Ida was born in Missouri, perhaps on January 29, 1873, and lived most of her life in Kansas City. While her actual birthdate and place are unknown, we do know a little about her life. She had three children with her first husband, John Albert Giebner. Two sons lived into adulthood.

It’s also known that she was a multi-talented quilter and seamstress, which is possibly how she supported her family. A family photo shows her crocheting.

This Trip Around the World quilt appears in “Singular Fascination,” on display at the International Quilt Museum May 4-August 30, 2018.