The Waterfall

November, 2016

The Waterfall

Pauline Burbidge

Gift of Robert and Ardis James Foundation, 2009.015.0001

Now showing in “Quiltscapes by Pauline Burbidge,” The Waterfall is a quilted fabric collage made with cotton and silk fabrics that have been plated, painted and hand- and machine-stitched.

“I think of these quilts, a little like continuing the tradition of the North Country Quilt, (a UK traditional quilt movement, developed in the North of England, mainly between the mid-1800s to mid-1900s). I use whole cloth, with a network of machine stitching, I draw with my stitching line, using a contemporary long arm machine, which I love to stitch and draw with. I also draw directly onto my fabric, after making sketchbook studies, often from plant forms or special places in the landscape. The subject matter is not traditional, however the texture has a comparative similarity to old quilts, after making an intense network of stitching and laundering the work.”
- Pauline Burbidge

For more than 40 years, Burbidge has made quilts and is considered the preeminent art quilter of the United Kingdom. She lives and has her studio near Allanton, Scotland, at Allanbank Mill Steading