Winter’s Gate

May, 2017

Winter’s Gate

Linda Colsh

Everberg, Belgium
Dated 2008

A screen printed and gelatin plate monoprint on cotton muslin, Winter’s Gate was created by American artist Linda Colsh while she was living in Belgium. This piece was made with cotton fabric, gelatin-plate monoprint printed by the artist, screenprinting made by the artist from computer-altered photos and acrylic paints with invisible polyester thread.

“Winter's Gate: End of Autumn, they approach winter's bare and frosted gate and continue down the path.

“The series for which my work is best known focuses on the elderly. I collect images of real people, taking inspiration from the streets. In places where I have traveled and lived (America, Asia, Europe), I notice people who others ignore: the invisible ones who blend into the background noise of busy lives. Anonymous to me, I develop their characters in my imagination, on my computer, and in my notebooks.

“Starting with plain cloth, I dye, paint and print backgrounds and images. Each artwork is a drama: I place a character in a setting and add props that express plot, personality and themes. I design with large shapes or wholecloth and simple machine quilting.  Here, I screenprinted the figures and bare tree on a gelatin-plate printed background.

“The subject is three views of an old woman, who I photographed years ago in Berlin.  She walked into my viewfinder as I was photographing above-ground pipes.  She has become a beloved alter ego onto whom I can project my own thoughts and who carries my stories to those who view my work.”

- Artist Statement

Winter’s Gate joined the International Quilt Museum’s Permanent Collection in 2010 as part of collection of Studio Art Quilt Associates member works, each measuring 9 x 9 inches and mounted for display.

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